Church & Church Hall Bookings

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How to book?

To book one of our facilities, click on one of colored boxes with a 1 avail in it. Then follow one of the options below:

If you’re a new customer please do the following:

  1. Enter your email and a password
  2. Click create an account
  3. Enter your First name and Surname
  4. Enter your phone number (for contact purposes)

If you’ve registered before, simple input your email and password. If you cannot remember your password, please click forgot password.

This will create you a church account to make future bookings. From here we will review your booking.

Once reviewed, you will receive an email notification to confirm if your booking is successful or not.

Your Data
We only use your data for contacting you regarding bookings. We will not sell or disclose your information to any third party. You can have your account deleted at any time by contacting us.