Being Aware – the rule of 6 !

It is clear that Covid-19 infections are increasing in some of our communities, and that our need for careful behaviour is needed more than ever.  Please note the following information:

1.   Worship is currently exempt from the ‘rule of 6’ only because of the additional restrictions which we have in place.  So mask-wearing, hand-hygiene and physical-distancing continue to be most important for ministers and congregations alike.  Those attending worship do so at their own risk, but should not put others at risk by their actions.  As long as we keep to these patterns of behaviour our worship should be safe to attend.

2.   It is evident that churches are generally keeping these requirements well (thank you), but that after-worship behaviour is sometimes dangerously relaxed.  Please note that physical-distancing and mask-wearing is still required in church porches, and mixing in groups in churchyards and beyond is not permitted.  We fully recognise people’s desire to interact with friends, but if churches are not seen to be abiding by appropriate limitations, our ability to worship in church may be removed.