Easter Day – Alleluia Christ is risen

He is risen indeed
Dawn this morning (at least here in Quintrell Downs) broke through a shroud of mist enveloping the land.As the sun rose but not yet fully visible and a half moon looked on, the curtain of mist parted and a clarity of vision was permitted.
What an analogy for an Easter Day – the rolling away of a mist of confusion and grief. The world awakening and sensing a new reality.
Seeing clearly now with a bursting forth of new light – the song of innumerable birds greeting the start of this special day, they unaware of its significance.
And we, unable to hear perhaps our eager proclamations of Alleluia together, must celebrate in our homes, perhaps alone, but today of all days with the Risen Christ in our midst.
A poetic commencement perhaps to this message for today – but in what other way can we perceive the amazing transformation that the Resurrection of the Son of God dawns upon a waiting world?Using words to describe and feel the emotion and reality of a bursting forth, proclaiming Glory to God, in our minds, speech, actions, song and prayer.
A world in mounting crisis caused by a pandemic, the like of which none of us have experienced or witnessed before. Those we trust to lead us also afflicted, but striving to steer us through, we pray for them.The power of death all too apparent and those called to an eternal home mounting in number daily. Grief and confusion for many, yet we have a message and hope to share, we pray for them.
For today, this special day, death is conquered. Fear can be banished as we recall the Resurrection stories. Hear too the words of the angels, standing in protective presence in the tomb and asking ‘Why are you weeping’
Tempted as I am to say ‘Silly question! Why do you think we are weeping !! (with Mary)’ – not a good idea to be rude to an angel.
Then as we look around and see a new reality, we hear our name called – not quite comprehending at first; the way our name is called is so familiar. Then, gloriously, we realise the Lord has risen, He speaks our name.Jesus is standing in our hearts and minds and alive.
We may answer ‘Rabbouni’ (which means Teacher – John 20. 16) as Mary did.
We are called to follow her example, to go and tell others, announce with great confidence ‘I have seen the Lord’ (John 20. 18)
Today then, proclaim in any way you can – Alleluia, Christ is Risen:
Reply to me from this email – He is Risen indeed Alleluia !
Rev’d Hilary is offering opportunity to join two services today and this is published in the Pew Sheet.
Rev’d Chris, for the more tech savvy, is offering a Zoom service – here is the link –
Just click on the link anytime after 10am Sunday morning. The service will start at 11. There is no password. Any problems you can ring me on 01637 877165
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/8791399318
Meeting ID: 879 139 9318

However you engage with today – this Easter Day – may you feel the joy of a Risen Presence – flooding the world with light which will overcome any darkness and destroy the power of death.

I wish you and those that you love a joyful Easter and until we can celebrate together again………
Cry aloud – Alleluia – He is Risen – He is risen indeed – Alleluia.