Good Friday – 10-4-2020

There is usually no Liturgical greeting on Good Friday.
We gather in silence – indeed silence forms an enveloping garment around us as we meditate on the drama and world saving power of Good Friday.
The worship space is stripped and our Altar bare, no colour, no distratction, save our thoughts.
The opening prayer asks God to look with mercy on this your family.
How we need to pray this earnestly in these times.
We hear the word and the Passion Reading.
A most powerful united act we are unable to share this year is the Proclamation of the Cross.
Look at this image.

See how we can imagine our hands forming the Cross – shaping an image to fashion our meditation.
See how the fingers point and support, surround and outline the Cross.
Notice the light waiting to break through.
As we pause and pray during this day, take up your Cross.Let us pray for one another and anticiapte rising too into our renewed lives in Christ Jesus.
He humbled himself and in obedience accepted the death of the cross.God has bestowed on him the name that is above every name,that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
We cannot venerate the Sacred Presence in the Consecrated elements together today.
Have confidence anew that Jesus assures us ’This is my body’ – ’This is my blood’ 
May our sins be forgiven thorough Our Saviour.
Wait now, anticipate what is to come.