Holy Week 2020 – Tuesday

Tuesday of Holy Week – 7-4-2020

My friends,

We find ourselves in Holy Week and what an unusual one it will be for all of us.

Yesterday we imagined the perfume and scent of the ointment used by Mary.

Today I am in the upper room and with Jesus and the scene we will recall more fully on Maundy Thursday.

Jesus and his disciples are sharing in a meal together and ’the one whom Jesus loved’ is next to him.

In a Biblical version I used, John (the one he loved) laid his head against Jesus and asked to whom was Jesus referring when he spoke of ‘one betraying’ him?

This picture of John laying against Jesus is very powerful for me; Can you imagine yourself laying on the chest of Our Lord as we recline at the table of the Last Supper.

In these unsettling times we can only lay against the one we love, the Son of Man.

Seek the Lord and claim His salvation, renew your faith and rely on the unchanging love of God.

The scriptures talk of God redeeming us, we will see salvation.

How we need to have faith that all will be well in these times.

My favourite poet and author, Priest and philosopher, John O’Donohue talked in his book ‘Walking with Wonder’ about Transience.

He recalled in ancient Greece that a competition was run to see who could write a sentence that would always be true!

The wining words were ‘ This too will pass’  

Contemplate these words.

May Almighty God bless us and keep us and lift His face to smile upon us.