Holy Week 2020 – Wednesday

Wednesday 8-4-2020

Dear friends,

Oh how I personally crave engagement with others!

In my prayer time this morning as I imagined myself still in the upper room, the thought of being with others, laughing and enjoying company was strange as these times prevent us from being together as we would have normally done!

My character (more extrovert than introvert as you know!!) is fuelled by being with other people.

Of course Sue and I are fine in our shared space, although my study is a busy place now, the two dogs, Eric and Ernie are slightly bemused as to why we are constantly with them and disturbing their usual quite lazy existence.

As we all inhabit our lives in very different ways, I hope the image of the Upper Room and the noise and bustle of a shared meal is something we can all look forward to joining in together very soon.

Today though two people stood out in the Bible reading and the unfolding events with which we are familiar.

Judas the Iscariot and Peter who is one of my favourite as he acts and speaks a bit in haste sometimes – (remind you of anyone!!)

One of the most powerful moments we will recall tomorrow is when Jesus, knowing who was to betray him, still washed the feet of Judas together with the others.

How can we acknowledge the place in this drama of Judas, what drove him to betray?

Greed, jealously, weak will, dishonesty ? – all these – as we spend time in examining ourselves, confessing our sins, let us use the reflected image of Judas and earnestly pray we have non of his character flaws too.

Peter, the Rock, a foundation on which the church we now inhabit was built, what a refreshing thought, yet, he denied Jesus 3 times.

Again then, in our quiet times and engagement with the God who loves us; In our striving to follow Jesus and use him as our pattern, have we denied Our Lord, failed to acknowledge or declare Him as our Saviour.

Let us in these times when we are separated and apart, not sharing in a physical place together, allow the light of Christ to shine into the darker regions of our characters. 

Be together in our meditation and prayers, join in the scene in the Upper Room and however you imagine it, sit with the disciples and hear Jesus speaking, allow the Lord to wash your feet.

Can you smell the roasted lamb, imagine the taste of the herbs, eat the bread, drink the wine.

Let me share with you from Morning Prayer today (again from the book of Lamentations)

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end.

They are new every morning; great is his faithfulness.

It is good that we should wait quietly; for the salvation of the Lord.

I pray with you:

Almighty God, we see in your Son a Saviour and example that we too strive to follow.

Hear our prayers which we offer to you and allow us to sit and eat always in remembrance of the love that saves us from our sins and renews us daily.

Sustain us in these times when we are apart from those we love, but never separated from your constant love, never ceasing, now as it has been for ever.


As ever,