The Bishops of the Church of England have invited the whole church into a process of mutual listening about the issues of human identity, relationships, marriage and sexuality. These are topics that we often find it difficult to talk about, and on which there are very serious disagreements within the church.


Living in Love and Faith (LLF) invites every member of the Church of England to listen and talk about these topics, including with people who have different views and experiences to us. These conversations are about complex issues, and about how we talk and listen to each other and how we remain united even when we disagree about things that really matter.

The conversations are based on a book and accompanying resources, which have been prayerfully and carefully prepared for us to use. They are based around a five-week course, whose aim is to help us listen faithfully, lovingly, generously and prayerfully, even or especially when we disagree deeply with others’ views. It is not about persuading others that our view is right!

We are planning to run the course on Thursday evenings on Zoom during Lent in the Towan Blystra Benefice. The time is from 7pm – 8.15 pm, to allow time for participants to join Compline on Zoom at 8.30 pm. The first session will be on Thursday 3rd March, and the sessions will finish on 31st. We will use a mixture of Bible study, discussion material, and videos of people’s experience to inform our listening and thinking. If you would like to learn more, an introductory video is available at

I hope that many of you will feel able to join the discussions, learn more about the issues facing the church in this area, and meet with others from all our four churches.

Please contact Jane for the Zoom link:

Jane Kneebone