Message for Palm Sunday 2020

My dear friends,

Oh how strange this all feels! Bless all of you who have been ringing around, staying in touch and updating each other with news and sharing good ideas.

The Diocesan Comms Dept. together with Bishop Philip, have been keeping in touch.

I wanted to let you know about the below:

On Sunday, everybody in Cornwall is being invited to step outside their door if that’s safe, or to stand by a window, and to say the Lord’s Prayer at 11am.

Bishop Philip said: “I think this is a wonderful idea. I believe we will each draw strength from knowing that wherever we are, and however isolated or fearful we might feel from time to time, we are united in fellowship. We will be sharing a prayer that expresses the essence of our faith, as well as our profound sense that God is the answer to our prayers. We are not alone.”

It is hoped the invitation will be taken up by churchgoers, but also by many who might not normally pray. It has already also been endorsed by Revd Steve Wild, chair of the Cornwall Methodist District, and others. To read more, click:                      

(Or copy and paste into your browser!)

Share this with your friends.

This Sunday 5th April 2020 is Palm Sunday, the gateway to Holy Week and the journey with Our Lord to Crucifixion and a glorious and wonderful resurrection.

We cannot give out Palm Crosses as we usually would – but here is our Palm Cross for 2020 – share it widely – photograph you own ‘cross on a Palm’ (It is not easy! – thank you Sue for your patience as we tried to capture a suitable image!)


Keep your eye on the Diocese of Truro website – there are also many opportunities to share with others in Holy Week and especially Maundy Thursday where the wonders of Zoom is being considered for a huge virtual gathering.

Zoom is easy to obtain onto your computer – look out for a link to join the virtual meeting – I had never heard of or used it before, but I managed to follow how to use it, it is no harder than a mobile ‘phone.

Rev’d Hilary Spong with Paul Sim as technical adviser will combine again to offer a Sunday Evensong. (Palm Sunday)

The Bishop is offering a Palm Sunday service too.

A meditation I read for Palm Sunday comments on Matthew’s account (Chapter 21. 1-11) – of the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, we know the scene, the cries of Hosanna, the laying of cloaks and palms on the road.

Matthews account quotes ancient scripture (Isaiah and Zechariah) fulfilling their prophecy. Was Jesus fulfilling prophecy or acting out of free will? Matthews aim is to set Jesus firmly within the Jewish story. Generations of scholars have puzzled over freewill and determinism – that is where God’s plan is unfolding, we have no choice?

Too heavy a subject perhaps (or not if you enjoy debate!) 

The strange times we live in however certainly demonstrate that we should be responsible for our own actions, we have a choice how we behave.

How the plans of God are unfolding might be seen in the work and sacrifice of health workers, key workers, emergency staff, the unseen power supply engineers, so many others.

Not least in all our prayers and connectedness through these difficult times.

Our Palm Cross this year is a virtual one and the outstretched fingers can be a ‘high five’ of anticipated Hosanna – praise, adoration, joy, welcome saviour. Our Salvation is in the name of the Lord, the Son of God, who entered into the unfolding events we recall. Commanded us to remember Him in the Bread and Wine as His Body and Blood. Suffered and died and rose again for us. To Him be glory for ever. Amen.

Let me know how you are coping, stay in touch with one another.

With prayers and daily Communion celebrated here but with all of you present in the connectedness of our prayers.

Bless you, cry Hosanna with me on Sunday, join in the Lord’s Prayer…….