Opening our Church building

I wanted to update you about the recent announcements (they do take some keeping up with).Churches can now, if they wish and a risk assessment allows, open for Private Prayer.
Also, we can now have funerals in church, but, restricted attendance, no singing and socially distanced.
At St Michael’s we have cleaned the vast amount of dust and ceiling debris and the chairs have been adjusted to allow for Social Distancing.
However, if you would like to come in and pray, would you contact myself or Rev’d Lee and we will afford access. –
We do not want to leave the church open (we never have in the past) but are very keen to open up for anyone who wishes to come in.
I do not yet know when we will be able to have public worship or in what way this will be held? Early July seems to be a favourite bet and we are kept in touch by the excellent Communications Dept. of Church House, Truro (Which remains shut and all the staff working from home).
One pressing issue we will have to pray about and seek ways to mitigate is the huge fall in our income.
During this lock down our expenditure has reduced, but there has still been bills to pay, but little receipts to replenish the now reducing bank balance.
I welcome any suggestions for fund raising and ask you to carefully consider your personal response. Do look at the Parish Giving Scheme. Thank about a Direct Debit, or a one off contribution to our work and mission and wider commitment to the Diocese.This commitment is currently an invitation to give 70k a year (roughly £195 a day!!!) Then we still have our outgoings such as electric, gas, insurance, maintenance, expenses of office etc. to find.
This low note is a shame, but a reality.
The Foodbank has continued to operate every Friday and seen a huge increase in demand. They are a stand alone charity and I pay tribute to Rev’d Clare Anderson the Chair and all the Volunteers.Similarly DISC, now operating from the Wave Church, Source Cafe. Monique and her band of helpers have operated throughout this lockdown for 5 days a week. The meals they are producing each day (average of 150) is amazing, again they are a stand alone charity.
I wish you and your families safety and health,
May God continue to guide and hold us,