The Hem or Fringe of the Cloak of Christ.

St Michael’s stands in the heart of Newquay – the tower visible from miles around.

It is called a church but the Church is the people who come to it and go out from it.

We like to offer that the building represents the fringe or hem of the cloak of Christ.

The gospels in the New Testament – Matthew, Mark and Luke all record a story of a woman who had been sick for many years, knowing that if she but touched the hem of the clothing worn by Jesus she would be made well – she touched Jesus and was healed.

(Matthew 9. 20… & Matthew 14. 36 – Mark 5. 24… – Luke 8. 44…)

Not all are sick as she was – but many are dis-eased, vulnerable, struggling, poor in spirit and pocket!

Hungry and lost, lonely and afraid. Some are happy and completely at ease, until life and fate, call it what you will, mitigates against their happiness.

Homeless does not just mean sleeping on the street although to the shame of this country so many do. Having no secure place to call home, somewhere that is yours, afflicts many.

We provide a ministry to such as these – some people find this difficult – some rejoice and come to help – the generosity of so many is amazing. If you want to help, meet and know the wonderful folks who gather; come,      you are and would be welcome.

If you are fearful and not sure – come – meet and know the name of a fellow human – we don’t judge or condemn.

I am aware of the power of social media – the safety of anonymity – the ability to post inaccurate and ill-informed opinion – let us rejoice that we can, we are free to have an opinion.

You may think that I am also inaccurate and ill-informed! – but if so, have you met me?

All I want to offer is that if the church as a building and people has any relevance then it is required to show love –  it will continue to do so – if you do not know love, then know that God is love.                                                                              If you do know love, then know that you also know God.

If you are comfortable and content then thank God.

Come  and walk into the folds of the garment of the Christ, you may also be amazed and healed.

Canon Jem

Edited February 2020