Unprecedented Times!

Coronavirus: An unprecedented situation. As the advice we receive gets updated regularly all of us can only stay alert to what is being suggested to deal with this pandemic. St Michael’s is blessed with generous, supportive and active attenders, yet we are hearing that those over 70 or with compromised health may be asked to stay at home. I hope that if you take this decision to stop attending church you will let me know – send me an email – jem33wheel@aol.com – leave a message on 01637 839276 or 0754 5961233. If the advice supports continuing to meet together to worship, we will invite all attenders to wash their hands as they arrive, using soap and water. No collection will be taken (risk of contamination as the bag or bowl is passed one to the other) therefore I invite you to leave your regular giving envelope in the bowl you will see at the back of church, or cash be placed in the ‘Donations Please’ tower or use the contactless system (which is sanitised regularly). We are asked to not have physical contact during the sharing of the Peace. The President of the Communion will wash their hands in water and soap before and after the Eucharist Consecration and sharing. The Communion will be offered in one kind only – the host – only the President will receive the consecrated wine. Some of our regular activities may need to be curtailed. If we are advised to invite the over 70’s or those with poor health to self isolate this will mean there will not be as many Priests to offer services – we may need to look at how we manage this and of course our congregation numbers will be quite low! Please, if you are anxious or concerned talk to someone.If you need shopping or anything fetching I am receiving offers of assistance. As we heard on Sunday 15th March 2020, the Saviour of the World, the Messiah is the living water, springing up to Eternal Life. May we have grace and patience as we claim God’s love to sustain us and all those we love in the days ahead.