What’s On 12th April – 19th April 2020

Sunday 12th April
Easter Day

10:00 Easter Day Eucharist (from home) Rev’d Hilary
11:00 Easter Day Morning Worship +Philip on YouTube
19:00 Easter Day Evensong & Benediction (from home) Rv Hilary

During the pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
all public worship is suspended.
All churches are closed. Weddings and baptisms are postponed.
Funerals may only be held at a Crematorium or at the Grave Side. Only immediate family are to attend with this not exceeding 10 persons.
This is very difficult for everyone, the grieving, the Minister and Funeral Director. The current restrictions relating to those over 70 or with health conditions make the gathering even harder to organise.
This weekly sheet will be issued online. Anyone wishing to subscribe to this please send your request to itq105@yahoo.co.uk

Monday 13th April
16:00 St Michael’s Outreach at The Storehouse

Tuesday 14th April
10:00 Newquay Food Bank until 12:00 – St Columb Minor Church
16:00 St Michael’s Outreach at The Storehouse

Wednesday 15th April

10:30 Holy Communion – St Michaels – postponed ufn
16:00 St Michael’s Outreach at the Storehouse

Thursday 16th April
10:00 Holy Communion – St Columb Minor – postponed ufn
16:00 St Michael’s Outreach at The Storehouse

Friday 17th April
12:00 Newquay Food Bank until 14:00 – Narthex, St Michaels
16:00 St Michael’s Outreach at The Storehouse

Saturday 18th April
St Michael’s Outreach in the Narthex – postponed

Sunday 19th April
Second Sunday of Easter

07:45 Holy Communion (BCP) – St Columb Minor postponed ufn
08:30 Holy Communion (Trad) – St Michaels – postponed ufn
09:30 Eucharist – St Colan postponed ufn
09:30 Service – St Newlyn East postponed ufn
10:30 Parish Eucharist – St Michaels postponed ufn
11:00 Eucharist – St Columb Minor postponed ufn

This newsletter will be maintained each week as it contains details of those who have asked for our prayers plus year’s mind etc. It also contains details from the daily lectionary which may be useful to anyone wishing to maintain a ‘prayer connection’ with the rest of the Anglican Union.

The BBC is broadcasting two new events each week. On local radio at 8:00 am there will be a service for 30 minutes and later in the morning on BBC1, a televised service also for 30 minutes. Songs of Praise continues early Sunday afternoons.

Chris has produced a short service for this week available on https://www.kerdh.co.uk/

At 10:00am and 7:00pm Sunday morning and evening Rev’d Hilary will be celebrating Easter Eucharist and Evensong for Easter Day from home. These services can be followed on the emailed sheets.

Bishop Philip will be on YouTube this weekend with a short service. This can be found on the Truro Diocese Website https://www.trurodiocese.org.uk/

Canon Jem has been issuing a reflection for each day of Holy Week and updates as well. These can be viewed on St Michael’s Website (see below).

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